MMA History: Anderson Silva And Forrest Griffin Career

By the Aug. 8, 2009, the fans Anderson Silva knew that he was a great fighter.

And how could have not? He took the title of UFC middleweight from Rich Franklin back three years, and then it was won by seven more fighters after that.

Still, popularly known as “The Spider” was at a crossroads. He has washed out his division so profoundly that his own dominance seems like a bore to him as there is no competition present.

A title defense opposite Patrick Cote this year in Chicago ended with a TKO due to knee injury of Cote, but not before the confused fans of Silva with his refusal to attack. A decisive victory against Thales Leites following April was uninspiring, and then all of sudden a crisis seemed to be forming.

Why did the best fighter of the world insist on winning the match without fighting?

With UFC 101, the first event of company in Philadelphia planned on 2009 late summer.

Enter Forrest Griffin, the 205-pounder overachieving who had gone to the fame of reality TV show. Griffin took the title of UFC light heavyweight from Quinton Jackson with a very victory of the narrow decision in 2008 July, only to turn around and lose his belt to Rashad Evans through TKO in his first title defense.

Griffin was at a crossroads as well. His victory of “TUF” made him an instant celebrity, and his win of title validated his quick rise. His tenure as a champion was short, even in the light heavyweight division for the tumult, but to go back for fighting, he was too big name, Anderson Silva and Forrest Griffin.

Earlier, Griffin was associated with a fight with Thiago Silva, who recently suffered his career’s first loss by Lyoto Machida.