Forrest Griffin To Coach Ultimate Fighter Season 3

Forrest Griffin and Chuck Liddell are getting back to what they do best. Both are considered retired fighters of UFC Hall of Farmers.

The third season of The Ultimate Fighter is coming up. Griffin and Liddell have been associated with TUF from the very beginning. As a result, when the Latin America season was announced on Monday both have been chosen to coach for the same. Griffin had been one of the early stars of the series. He had been part of the Liddell team. That season he had been able to claim their crown. Stephan Bonnar was defeated by him in a battle that was considered memorable. At that time when the interest of the general public was waning in the UFC, that fight helped to bring back interest among the fans once again. Now that Griffin has retired, he does different jobs as ambassador of the sport that he was a part of. He returns in the coaching role is sure to work well for him.

The season three of the Ultimate Fighter Latin America will be shot in Buenos Aires in Argentina. It is slated to go to air in August. It would be part of the Fight Pass event of UFC. There would be several regional fights and bouts. The finale will be held in Mexico in November. Griffin feels honored to be part of the series as a coach, which is similarly shared by Liddell. Both are looking forward to get the chance to teach the fighters what they have learnt in the course of their fighting career. It will surely be a wonderful experience for the fighters who would be part of the series. They are also sure to pick up valuable skills from these legendary fighters. It will surely be an exciting series to watch even if they are in the backend, egging the fighters on and not being in the ring themselves.