Chael Sonnen feels Anderson should not have denied wrongdoing

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC fighter Chael Sonnen knows a hing or two about failed drugs test.

The former UFC Middleweight saw his career come to an abrupt halt after he failed a dope test in 2010 and his career was ended by two more random dope test failures last year. And while being a repeat offender did not help him keep his job with the promotion, his honesty about what really happened ensured that he saved his face and went out with his head held high.

And now, the American’s former nemesis Anderson Silva finds himself in a similarly precarious situation. Silva made his much awaited return to the UFC Octagon last July with a win over Nick Diaz but he failed a pre-fight drugs test for the use of two banned substances.

Unlike Sonnen, Silva has throughout maintained his innocence and denied any wrongdoing and according to Chael Sonnen, that was the wrong thing to do.

Sonnen said that within twelve hours of the biggest disaster of his life, Silva put out a statement; but the Oregon native believes the Brazilian rushed into it and should have taken some time to think about it. He added that failing a drugs test is bad but lying about it is even worse.

The American Gangster said that Silva was well within his rights to use performance enhancing drugs if it were helping him getting back into shape. He mentioned that his leg snapped in two and no matter where he got the drugs from, if those were helping him, he was right to use it.

However, Chael Sonnen feels that where he got it wrong was denying any wrongdoing and that has made things worse for him and he could face a much longer suspension than it would have been.