MMA History: Anderson Silva And Forrest Griffin Career

By the Aug. 8, 2009, the fans Anderson Silva knew that he was a great fighter.

And how could have not? He took the title of UFC middleweight from Rich Franklin back three years, and then it was won by seven more fighters after that.

Still, popularly known as “The Spider” was at a crossroads. He has washed out his division so profoundly that his own dominance seems like a bore to him as there is no competition present.

A title defense opposite Patrick Cote this year in Chicago ended with a TKO due to knee injury of Cote, but not before the confused fans of Silva with his refusal to attack. A decisive victory against Thales Leites following April was uninspiring, and then all of sudden a crisis seemed to be forming.

Why did the best fighter of the world insist on winning the match without fighting?

With UFC 101, the first event of company in Philadelphia planned on 2009 late summer. Read more »


UFC has opened a Performance Institute in Las Vegas worth $12 million.

About 300 fighters were given a tour of the facility at a retreat, according to reports.

“This place is your house. This facility is open to everybody. You can start or end your camp here,” the president Dana White said to the crowd. He said it was the “best training facility here on planet Earth.”

The facility is supervised by former fighter turned company Vice President Forrest Griffin. It has medical and nutrition staff, strength and conditioning experts and others. The facility has a full size octagon boxing ring and wrestling mat for the fighters.

The fighters would have full access to weights and water treadmills, high altitude simulator and cardio equipment with no usage fees. The 15-acre site is quite a marvel to behold. The full campus is not available and the employees only just moved in. Read more »


Most athletes who have been in the game for quite some time do not know the right time to say goodbye to the sport which they have so far loved and participated actively in.

For Rashad Evans of the UFC, it’s almost the same feeling, as they refuse to accept the inevitable aging that comes as they grow older.

However, a few others are able to soon gain that insight as the end draws nearer. And then they begin to hope they fought much more.

“Looking back, I wish that I had fought more,” Evans said. “It’s a window, a short one. You don’t have a lot of time to do this, and it’s something that I really love.

The year 2016 was not a very good one for Evans, as it was in that same year he lost his second straight match, and an MRI scan suggested that his time was finally over in the cage. Read more »


Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua and Forest Griffin have been squared up to face each other when both fighters go head to head at the UFC 134.

Mauricio who lost his debut match in the UFC to Griffin will once again get the chance to make things even. UFC president Dana has confirmed the crunch encounter between the duo. The match slated for Brazil would see Mauricio enjoy a bit of home advantage, as he would be fighting in his native country.

The first match between this two stars saw Griffin snatch away victory by way of submission, however, Rua at that time was only making his debut at the UFC. Things have now changed with Rua becoming a household name. Hence, the Griffin shouldn’t be expecting an easy ride like he did some four years ago.

The Brazilian champ lost his light heavyweight belt to Jon Jones in March having claimed the belt from Lyoto Machida by some sensational knockout the UFC will always remember. Read more »

Forrest Griffin To Coach Ultimate Fighter Season 3

Forrest Griffin and Chuck Liddell are getting back to what they do best. Both are considered retired fighters of UFC Hall of Farmers.

The third season of The Ultimate Fighter is coming up. Griffin and Liddell have been associated with TUF from the very beginning. As a result, when the Latin America season was announced on Monday both have been chosen to coach for the same. Griffin had been one of the early stars of the series. He had been part of the Liddell team. That season he had been able to claim their crown. Stephan Bonnar was defeated by him in a battle that was considered memorable. At that time when the interest of the general public was waning in the UFC, that fight helped to bring back interest among the fans once again. Now that Griffin has retired, he does different jobs as ambassador of the sport that he was a part of. He returns in the coaching role is sure to work well for him.
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Forrest Griffin Geared Up To Coach Latin America 3

The winner of The Ultimate Fighter, Forest Griffin still remains a favorite player for his fans and has been chosen as the coach along with Chuck Liddell for The Ultimate Fighter Latin America 3 which will be aired in August.

Forrest Griffin, a former mixed martial artist from America and a former police officer in Georgia defeated Stephan Bonnar during the first UFC. He had also served as a coach with Quinton Jackson on The Ultimate Fighter 7. The two famous personalities Forrest Griffin and Chuck Liddell are geared up to train their fighters in order to prove their worth.

Griffin is very excited to take part in The Ultimate Fighter Latin America 3 and he knows how competitive Chuck Liddell is and hence has all plans to put in his best efforts for the game. He is also thrilled with the fact that in Latin America, the UFC is still new and he wants to take every single opportunity to help the sport to grow in there. Forest Griffin has been the winner of the first UFC at lightweight and had tried hard to win the UFC championship for heavyweight as well. Read more »